Go from anxious, fatigued and isolated to grounded, energised and connected through three months of somatic coaching designed to help you heal your nervous system and regain your energy, your drive and your confidence.

Burnout doesn’t have to last forever. But most burned out leaders and entrepreneurs struggle for too long trying to heal by themselves because of shame and self blame.

Put yourself on the road to recovery by reconnecting with your body, reinventing your relationship to your emotions and rediscovering disowned parts of yourself.

Does it feel like you’ve been stuck in burnout forever?

I struggle to summon the energy to complete daily tasks that used to feel easy.

I feel trapped in a state of low mood, low expectations and low self-esteem.

I feel betrayed by my body’s frequent aches, pains and illnesses.

I struggle to sleep at night but then I want to spend all day in bed.

I feel overwhelmed by the needs of those around me and despair at ever being able to meet them.

I find myself caught in bouts of unshakable sadness, anger, irritability and apathy.

Burnout is hell. I know. I’ve been there.

One minute you’re speeding along at eighty miles per hour, checking off one thing after another from your to-do list and being the person other people expect you to be in all aspects of life. You’re making progress in your career, your relationships are running smoothly, your skills and capacities are growing. You’re moving the needle on all those things that you’re pretty sure you think you kind of want, and then somehow, the wheels just fly off…

And you find yourself at the bottom of a deep ravine, without the skills, energy or know-how to climb out again.

Your career is in trouble, your relationships are in trouble, your mental health is in trouble and your dreams are in trouble. And whereas in the past you’d have been up on your feet fighting like crazy for all of them, now you have barely enough motivation to care.

It’s unbelievably frustrating: the person you used to be seems only the breadth of a shadow away, and yet somehow the gap is utterly unclosable.

Your willpower, which you’ve always relied upon to get you through anything, is no longer enough.

Brute force can’t be applied here.

Overcoming burnout means finding a new approach.

New resources to be recruited for the journey.

New energies.

New ways of being.

Your burnout is a sign that there are parts of you that have been neglected for too long.

Parts that you have been choosing to hide or deny.

These parts hold the key to your healing.

And now is the time to awaken them.

The missing piece of the puzzle: your body.

Somatic coaching will help you reconnect to your body.

It’s time to…

  • Heal your nervous system, so that you can stop being overwhelmed by anxiety, fatigue and depression, and become the person you know you’re capable of being.
  • Let go of all the fear and stress that’s accumulated over so many years of trying to keep it all together, so you can feel easier and lighter.
  • Become more present and connected to yourself and those around you, so that you don’t lose yourself in repetitive, predictable, compulsive overthinking.
  • Express your needs and enforce your boundaries, so that you don’t end up taking too much on and then suffering in silence until you implode.
  • Enter into a compassionate, loving, accepting dialogue with yourself, so that you can heal all that shame and all those feelings of not being enough.

Reconnecting to your body means reconnecting to your energy, to your drive and to the capacity to get pleasure from life, work and relationships.

Stop struggling alone and save yourself years of suffering, isolation and lost productivity.

  • to help me understand what I needed to do and in what order
  • to hold me accountable to the healing goals that I set myself
  • to hold a compassionate and non-judgemental space in which I could explore the old behavioural patterns which led to burnout in the first place

then I would have saved a lot of time and placed a lot less stress on my family and finances.

Overcome your barriers to healing and find your way back to vibrancy.

  • Distraction – your burnout is a signal from your body that something is wrong, but there’s too much noise to work out what that signal is.
  • Confusion – leaders are supposed to know themselves, aren’t they? It’s hard to admit when you haven’t got a clue what’s going on, to open up to it.
  • Judgement – you judge your emotions and feelings harshly when you feel that they’re not acceptable.
  • Holding on – because you judge your emotions as ‘bad’ or ‘wrong’ you try to keep them in, keep them hidden.
  • Tension – you use physical tension to stop the emotional energy from flowing, until it bursts out in an uncontrolled, harmful way.
  • Self-loathing – there are parts of you that disappoint you, perhaps even disgust you, and so you disown them.

I will help you connect with…

  • Stillness – it’s time to find a place of quietness so that the subtler sensations of the body can be heard.
  • Curiosity – we’ll explore what is happening in your body, opening up to new sensations and giving them space to be felt.
  • Acceptance – we will learn how to be okay with what you find in the body, with the feelings, and with what they’re telling you.
  • Release – we will discover how these feelings want to express themselves, what they need, how much space you can give them.
  • Relaxation – we will learn how to allow emotional energy to flow through you freely, to do its thing so that it doesn’t get trapped and stagnate.
  • Self-love – we will practise validating these new-found parts of you, finding compassion for them, and bringing them into your sense of self.

The goal is to integrate mind and body.

When you bring back together all the splintered parts of yourself into a harmonious whole, where each part is valued and cherished, then you will naturally regain your passion, your drive and your energy.

And your life will naturally open up to more connection, more love and more joy.

Get clarity, direction and confidence with three months of one-to-one somatic coaching.

Apply today for in-person or online coaching.


12-week programme

The six 50-minute coaching sessions can be conducted over Zoom or at comfortable, confidential rooms in North East London.

You’re the perfect candidate for this work because…

We probably won’t click if…

  • You’re looking for a quick fix or for some secret trick or hack that’s going to magically erase your symptoms overnight;
  • You’re not prepared to go into uncomfortable territory in order to learn more about yourself;
  • You want to learn how to control your feelings rather than get better at feeling your feelings;
  • You want to go over and over the same old stories of how people in your life, or the business culture, or capitalism, or racism, or sexism etc are the cause of your problems instead of looking for the cause in you;
  • You want to go back to living in the exact same way you were before you burned out – the same harmful ways of working, the same unhelpful ways of relating, the same denial;
  • You can’t handle looking silly;
  • You’re afraid to try.

Ready to begin your escape from the cycle of burnout-recovery-burnout and regain your energy, purpose and drive?