Unleash the transformative energy of the bodymind.

Embody a freer, healthier, more vibrant version of yourself. Harmonise your emotions and dissolve your limiting beliefs. Create and realise life goals that resonate with the whole of your being.

A New Kind of COaching

Do any of these hold you back?

  • Indecision
  • Procrastination
  • Impostor syndrome
  • Performance anxiety
  • Lack of direction or purpose
  • Feelings of stuckness; of not living up to your true potential
  • Laziness, apathy, or disinterest in life

It’s not you, it’s your conditioning.

From your very earliest experiences, your bodymind has been making unconscious choices about how to behave in order to stay safe. The consequences of these choices remain in the body as patterns of tension – energetic blockages that inhibit your behaviour and sabotage your efforts to expand and grow through healthy risk taking.

Imagine how it would feel to pursue your goals with…


Knowing in your very bones that you are doing what you were born to do and that every day brings you closer to fulfilling your purpose.


Not letting the fear of failure deter you from taking risks, and being able to find a sense of ease and playfulness in meeting new challenges.


Seeing the steps you need to take to realise your ambitions laid out in front of you, and being able to move through them with clarity and energy.


Creating an aura of joy and enthusiasm around you which other people find irresistable and which leads to lasting, fulfilling relationships.

Replacing old patterns with new

Somatic coaching resolves your unconscious fears so that you can evolve and expand.

Other methods of life coaching try to work around the issue of fear and unconscious self-sabotage. Embodiment coaching tackles it head on, locating its source in the body so that its energy can be released and resolved. Once unblocked, the energy that was used to suppress the fear becomes available for more productive uses.


Create goals that resonate with the body

The rational mind can imagine goals but it can’t realise them without the body being on board. I will help you set goals that ignite the passion of your whole bodymind, so that motivation becomes a given.


Find the fears and recruit their energy

Fear and anxiety use up a lot of energy and time. We will track down your unconscious fears through bodily sensations, let them express themselves fully and then channel their energy into the pursuit of your goals.


Shorten the cycle to accelerate progress

After plotting the steps you need to take to move towards your goals, we continue training in using bodily sensations to identify and pacify blocking fears when they arise. As this process becomes faster, you will progress more quickly.

From Self-Knowledge to self-mastery

Through this process you will discover…

  • The subtle ways in which your bodymind communicates desires and impulses which are normally ignored by your conscious mind;
  • How to use bodily sensations to uncover the desires that resonate with your unconscious;
  • How to dialogue with the parts of yourself that sabotage your plans and shut down your risk taking;
  • How to free up energy that has become trapped and stagnant in your body;
  • How to develop your body awareness so you can better feel and read the signals your body is sending;
  • How you can tap into greater energy, confidence and presence through movement, breathwork, voice and touch.

Embodiment coaching gets results by taking into account the whole of your being. Instead of trying to stifle or work around those parts of you that are getting in the way, it recruits and redirects their energy so that your efforts are more unified, more focused and more successful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Bring the whole of your bodymind on the journey to a more connected, more joyous, more alive version of yourself.

We all want to embody a more vibrant version of ourselves. But by placing too much emphasis on the mind and rational thought processes, modern culture has suppressed the role of the body and stifled our ability to imagine and pursue life goals that resonate with the whole of our being.

Embodiment coaching, or somatic coaching, helps to overcome the mind-body dualism that permeates Western thinking, helping you access the wisdom and energy of the bodymind to articulate and realise your goals.

There is no split between the body and the mind. Rather, body and mind comprise a whole and are interrelated at every level.

When you try to transform yourself using only rational thought processes you are doomed to failure. You are, in effect, splitting off a part of yourself to act as leader and then trying to drag the rest of you along whether it likes it or not. The parts of your bodymind which have an historic function of protecting you – by constricting your urges to open up, reach out and take risks – will resist. 

Embodiment coaching begins with fostering awareness of your whole body and learning to connect into the subtle ways in which the bodymind communicates feelings, desires and impulses. We then use creative techniques to bring these impulses to full expression and articulation, so that they can be incorporated into your picture of reality and turned into insights which can be acted upon.

Any resistance to moving forward with your action can be interrogated with the same friendly body awareness so that fearful, suspicious or dejected parts can be heard and their energy recruited for meaningful activity.

Integrating this new knowledge and action leads to change which is not only deeply satisfying but also very hard to reverse, since it originates from the whole of your being.

Anyone who feels like they need help realising their goals – either because they haven’t been able to clearly articulate a vision of how they want their life to be, or because unhelpful feelings and behaviours keep blocking their progress.

It doesn’t matter what age or physical condition you’re in. If you feel like you could be getting more from life but you don’t know how, then embodiment coaching can help.

In one-on-one somatic coaching we work together over a series of 50-minute sessions, usually once per week. In the initial session we’ll determine some high-level goals for the work and the timeframe over which we want to achieve them.

These goals could be ordinary, concrete ones, such as overcoming unhealthy habits or more abstract, intangible ones like finding a purpose in life.

Once we’ve agreed on the goals and duration of the engagement, we’ll drop into the body, using practices informed by mindfulness, body-based therapy, somatic parts work and bioenergetics. By bringing our awareness to the body and by noticing how our attention is directed by the body we can begin to uncover the feelings and impulses that have been denied access to our consciousness by the protective functions of the ego.

These sensations can then be explored with friendly curiosity so that previously hidden needs and desires can be allowed to surface. We’ll work on giving them expression – perhaps through writing, art, voice and movement, harnessing the power of the breath and archetypal postures to remove blockages to full expression.

As the body divulges these secret desires, complaints and impulses, we will analyse and deconstruct them in the context of reality. How can they be honoured in one’s life? What compromises will have to be made? What sacrifices? How can our intentions and actions help to integrate the different parts of the bodymind?

You will also encounter those parts of yourself that are dedicated to defending yourself from hurt, disappointment, rejection and humiliation – the fearful parts which hamper your efforts to expand into a freer, more vivid, more expressive way of being. We’ll give these parts of you the opportunity to express themselves too, so that their energy can be discharged or recruited for useful action.

Often what surfaces can be surprising, but easily recognisable as the truth because of the feelings and sensations that follow – a sense of peace, contentment and energy often result from insight that sets us on the right path. As the sessions progress, we’ll fine tune this use of bodily sensations to sense check our proposed course of action.

At the beginning of each session we’ll review and assess your progress against the plans that we came up with previously, again running them past your bodymind to find the new obstacles, challenges or desires that deserve attention.

As we work in this iterative way from session to session, your ability to dialogue with your body will improve and your conscious thoughts and actions will slowly begin to align with your unconscious desires and impulses. In this way, your whole being will naturally align with your purpose, bringing presence, meaning, pleasure, fulfillment and joy into your life.

No. Embodiment coaching is coaching, not therapy. While healing inevitably takes place when you seriously investigate the psychology that drives your actions and blocks your progress towards your goals, that is not the main focus of the work. The main focus of the work is setting and moving you towards those goals.

If you feel like your bodymind needs healing – if you’re in pain, mental anguish or chronic emotional distress – I recommend looking at Transformative Bodywork, a non-invasive form of therapy that works through the body to resolve emotional blockages and restore health and vitality.

Everybody starts from a different place. Some are further from their goals, some are closer, some have no idea what their goals might be. If we work together, you will be invited to stay with the process for as long as it continues to bring value to you – something which we will discuss at every session.

However, to learn the basics of the somatic enquiry and dialogue techniques that form the core of this work takes a minimum of six weeks, so that’s the commitment I ask you to make at the outset.

The initial 20-minute consultation over Zoom is free. During this call we will discuss what has brought you to consider embodied wellness coaching and your high-level goals for the process, and we’ll decide together if it might be the right thing for you.

If it seems like it might be, I’ll invite you in for a 30-minute taster session where I’ll explain some of the techniques we use, what will be expected from you throughout the process and what you can expect from me. This is our chance to decide if we’re a good fit to work together.

There won’t be any hard sell. I’m only interested in working with clients who are motivated to make changes and who really want to work with me.

If you wish to enter the process in earnest, I will then ask you to commit to six sessions over six weeks (schedules permitting).

These must be paid for in advance at a cost of £720.

After this, you will be billed monthly at a rate of £120 per 50-minute session.


Bodymind coaching is not something that can be passively received. You must commit to the work and put serious effort in to get results. I will be your guide when it comes to befriending your body, releasing your stuck energy and resolving your inner conflicts. I will hold you accountable when it comes to taking action to move towards your goals. I will be a confidant and I will hold a space in which you are free to be yourself. But I cannot do the work for you.

It is not easy to go to these places. To confront the things that are holding you back that have been invisible to you thus far. To work through and let go of the defensive habits and postures that have become locked into your body. The work will be uncomfortable. But if you sincerely commit to it, you will surely change and the rewards will be magnificent and last forever.

Are you ready to start working through your old, unhelpful patterns and moving towards a life of purpose, focus, confidence and fulfillment?

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